Smart devices repair, has been thought of as an expensive luxury for a long time now. Either we pay large amounts of money or expose ourselves to sketchy deals on far away places where our safety is at risk. Why choose between one or another? Or even so, why buy a new device when you can get yours repaired for a fair price?

Customer based solutionwaiting for you.

Our technical crew

By the hand of our -over 15 year experienced specialized team- we work in an open environment at your sight. Our technicians are 1st level experts on smartphones, tablets and computers. Our thorough hiring selection process, has rewarded us with them.


As a customer, you’ll be getting the innovation and safety a high demand service should have. In the comfort and confidence of your local mall you’ll find, as an added value, the second life well given to your electronic device.

Our trustworthy client-technician business trade, has come as an innovative concept by which we provide you full disclosure on the complete repair process.

We are also known for our express service, 90% of our services are rendered in less than an hour.

Experts in all  brands and models

Our story and vision

With over fifteen years of expertise on corporate repair services, on 2015 FIX IT® was born. An innovative concept, crafted from people’s need of a trustworthy repair service. As a response to this urge of reliability, our shops are located inside of malls; comfortable and reachable business fluent spaces. Innovation shows on our new and stylish repair kiosks, in which your smartphone and tablet will be repaired at your sight, on a 360-degree view design.

A FIX IT® shop is near you, in our more than 82 locations throughout the Mexican republic. We’re the #1 software-hardware repair shop in the country. High quality standard service awaits you!

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Open in Mexico

Coming soon a FIX IT® store near you.

Soon our expansion project will bring to you great repair service at your home or office, as we continue to grow.

It’s an honor to serve you